Johanna Rodriguez: Your Real Estate Advisor

13 years ago, Johanna left Venezuela with her family in order to continue professional improvements and to start a prosperous life in her new country: Canada! She studied elementary and high school at a prestigious private bilingual school (Spanish / English) called Washington Academy. Subsequently, Johanna obtained a degree in Business at La Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas, specializing in marketing and finance. She worked in her field for 15 years before emigrating to Calgary.

In 2010, Johanna got the certification of Alberta Real Estate Agent. She joined a successful Canadian group, MaxWell Experts Plus Realty, where received coaching and later was her business partner, Matthew Dekort, who is a young and talented entrepreneur with more than 20 years in the Real Estate market in Calgary.

Having an essential experience in the residential construction sales sector, being a real estate agent with credentials in finance and marketing, and with the support of her partner, Johanna has achieved a remarkable reputation in the Hispanic market of Calgary.

"The beginning was not easy! Getting to know you in a new market and a new country had great challenges, which is why having met Matthew and working with him has been a very positive experience because we complement each other," said Johanna.

The most critical skill for Realtors® is patient with their clients, and Johanna, as a real estate agent at Maxwell, has unique abilities to serve both elderly and young people in both languages, English and Spanish. She understands your needs perfectly and aligns with your way of communicating, and also offers simple recommendations of financial matters so that clients can make sound decisions in their real estate investments.


Honesty. Being honest means choosing not to lie, cheat, or deceive in any way. Johanna is honest with her clients because she wants to build their respect and trust.
Listen. Johanna always wants to be aligned with her clients' needs through interesting conversations with them.
Freedom. Johanna lets her clients make their own decisions after she has provided them with all the pros and cons regarding a property investment. 
Positive Attitude. She loves to help clients and allow them to have fun while they are looking for their perfect property.


Ongoing and genuine connection with community members in Calgary and Chestermere.
Nonprofit organizations which Johanna has been involved with:

  • Ronald McDonald
  • Help Kids Phone
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation



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